WOC Street

How it works

1. Find the stock list

Head to the US Stock and find the stock list

2. Select a stock

Select a stock you would like to predict and learn

3. Validate the probability

Check the current probability and potential payout of each direction

4. Open a prediction

Enter the amount and verify the potential payout
The potential payout is a promised payout for you

6. Close your position before settlement

If your opinion changes for some reason, you can close it anytime before the settlement. For example, you believe the probability of going up is at least 70%, so you happily open a position at 60% probability. Now, if the probability rises to 80%, which is higher than the probability you believe, you can close your position at 80% and make a profit.

7. Wait for the settlement!

Your winning will automatically be distributed to your account if your prediction is correct
You can check your prediction history on the profile page.